"Burnout does not
have to be an inevitable consequence of working in the health and social sectors."

"Let's work together to boost the wellbeing and resilience of your people.
This is the path to better health for ALL."

Reclaim Your Work Mojo

Webinar Series

It’s time to chart a new, more sustainable, effective and fulfilling path for our health and social sector workforce.



Resilient health and social sector organisations create better health for ALL and our most precious resource is our people

Alison brings great passion, 30 years' experience in the health and social sectors AND her lived experience of burnout (and recovery!) to her work as a consultant, Resilience at Work coach and speaker.

Alison informs, educates, supports and empowers leaders, teams and individuals to:

  • Create insight into the factors that are impacting on wellbeing and resilience at work
  • Identify simple, meaningful actions to step away from merely surviving and towards thriving at work
  • Challenge workplace cultures and norms that keep us running on empty.

Do you want:

  • Less stress, overwhelm, conflict, turnover and waste?
  • More joy, meaning and fulfillment at work?
  • Better experiences and outcomes for the communities that your organisation is seeking to serve?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you've come to the right place and Alison would love to help you.

Book a complimentary videocall with Alison today to discuss your current challenges and needs and explore a tailored solution.


Take control, restore wellbeing and optimise impact STARTING TODAY

Get your copy of 'The Health Hazard' and chart a new path ahead where you:

  • Achieve greater meaning and impact through your work
  • Don't just survive, you thrive
  • Tend to all the things that matter to you most
  • Create a legacy you can be proud of
  • Are a role model for others and inspire them to take control too

Become part of the change we so dearly need in the health and social sectors.

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