I am not okay... and I know I'm not alone

Purpose-driven work can be enriching and fulfilling, but it can also be incredibly demanding. It can impact significantly on our health and wellbeing. The distinctions between life and work can become blurred and our work and its emotional impacts can spill over into our personal lives.

We also wear many hats as: partner; parent; sibling; child; member of extended families, friendship groups and communities; volunteer; advocate…and that’s just in our personal lives! And of course, life is not always smooth sailing. For some, the norm might be more like a stormy sea…in a leaky boat…

When I started driving, I had a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. My very own Herbie The Love Bug which literally ran on the ‘smell of an oily rag’ (thankfully as I was a poor student at the time!). It’s fuel tank sustained my travels, with a few coughs and splutters along the way, even when the fuel gauge was near empty.

As I moved on from student to researcher to health professional to wife and mother, my own personal fuel tank started slowly depleting. Eventually, my fuel gauge was running close to empty all the time. During those years, my fuel (wellbeing, energy, sense of vitality and self worth) completely bottomed out each time a work or life crisis inevitably emerged.

When I look in the rear view mirror, I realise I was living with sustained burnout, putting my needs last, always attending to others before thinking about myself. I kept running on empty.  If I just do more, give more, be more…

Running on empty compromised my health and my self.

Eventually I ground to a complete halt. I had to choose a different road. I had to make a commitment to change and to stay true to my new course, no matter what. And I did and continue to do so, each and every day. 

Today, my fuel tank is no longer empty. There’s still coughs and splutters and the odd flat tyre, but I have a toolkit on board and I know how to fill my tank. I’m also paying closer attention – noticing the fuel light early and responding before my tank runs dry.

So why am I sharing this with you?

It’s because I know that I am not alone in this experience.
I know there are many silent struggles out there.
Many people project to the world that they are managing well when the truth can be very different.

  • How’s your fuel tank going?
  • Do you sometimes run on empty?
  • What fills your tank?
  • What drains it?
  • Where do YOU come in your list of priorities?

If you are driven to make a difference through the work you do, Getting to What Matters: Your Best Work AND Your Best Life is for you.
Choose to optimise the difference you make in your work whilst sustaining your energy, maintaining your vitality and prioritising your wellbeing.

I invite you to take one day out from your busy schedule to invest in yourself – to focus on what matters to YOU.
Because you matter.

I’ve created this special program that is all about YOU! I’ve transformed the tools and techniques that we use to develop organisational strategies to guide you in developing your personal strategy and action plan. I will share many lessons I’ve learnt along the way and provide tips and strategies that you can integrate into your daily routines to increase your energy, your productivity and, most importantly, your wellbeing.
I’d love to hear from you and I hope to meet you soon.