It is fitting for me to drink from this cup today given it appears that today is actually THE DAY! The cup was a gift from a dear friend and mentee – almost a year ago. A year in which I have explored, challenged and sought to step into the next phase of my career and practice.

Those of you familiar with skipping may remember as a kid standing watching the rope turn, waiting for the right moment to jump in…

What holds us back from jumping in?

Fear and trepidation, waiting for the right moment in which our success is more likely to be assured and we will be less likely to risk embarrassment in front of our peers.

And…eventually…we jump in.

Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail. Rarely does our life or anyone else’s change irrevocably because of the timing or the decision to jump.
For me, the skipping rope represents my creative life as a writer. Can I write? Absolutely. Have I been writing for years in my career? Sure. Have I written millions of words before? Yep. Can my writing contribute in a positive way to the lives of others? Yes!
But this jump is into my own voice – rawly, vulnerably and authentically ME. It involves breaking through resistance and starting to write from this new place. It involves faith in myself and valuing my voice. It involves opening up to criticism or worse, a lack of connection with what I have to say by others. It requires me to quieten my inner voices who are telling me that maybe this is all too hard. It involves getting out of my own way – because I am the only one who is actually standing in my way.

The irony of this is that for the past 20 years, much of my work has involved me stepping into the role of ‘empathetic warrior’ in the health and community sectors. I have advocated for, facilitated and practiced active, meaningful consumer participation. I have listened, heard, mentored, supported and encouraged others to speak their truth. I have enabled people to tell their story and to take their place at the decision making table as an equal bringing the expertise they have gained from their personal experience to bear in decisions that will affect them or their peers.
Hearing the voices of others is my comfort zone. Speaking my own truth involves stepping into the courage zone – the place where my knees wobble and I feel overwhelmed - but also the place that I know I need to be in order to DARE, STRIVE, LEARN, IMPROVE, GROW and INSPIRE.
I was listening to an interview with Seth Godin recently where he said “We should stop waiting for the right moment…THIS IS THE RIGHT MOMENT.” and “We rarely say I’m disappointed that I spoke up. I’m disappointed that I did my art. I’m disappointed that I connected with somebody. We don’t. What we regret is not doing that.”
So, I jump into the skipping rope with this, my first blog post. I expose myself as literally ‘a work in progress’ and I commit to keep on turning up, each and every single day, even the bad ones, and sharing my work as it grows and evolves. The truth, warts and all, not just the glossy story of great challenge, resilience and success. The real story – a story that is being written each and every day as I continue to discover and choose MY BEST WORK and MY BEST LIFE. A story that has a beginning today but doesn’t have a clear plan or end in mind.
I invite you to join me, to see where this all goes, to be challenged, to be inspired and to consider what ‘TODAY IS THE DAY’ could mean for you.


A choice, an action, a commitment – to step forward into your truth, your unique, glorious, authentic self – a step closer to your best work AND your best life.
I’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts on these questions. Try putting into words and sharing what you really want to do. I can assure you that the earth will not open up and swallow you for saying it. In fact, it could set you free.