MAD Mentoring Program


I offer individual mentoring programs that are focussed on Getting To What Matters to YOU.

Tailored to your needs and goals, we work together to explore your values, strengths, interests and purpose - to find clarity and to focus your energy and efforts. These programs will assist you in staying on track (or in getting back on track) to Make The Difference that you truly wish to make.


One-on-one Mentoring - what the program includes

  • Preparation Phase

    • Assessment of signature strengths, pre-program reflections and goal setting process

    • Initial face-to-face mentoring session reviewing the results of the preparation work, setting expectations and specific goals for participation in the MAD mentoring program

  • Mentoring Phase

    • Monthly face-to-face mentoring sessions (in person or via videoconference) 

    • A pre-reflection process prior to each session and the setting of three actions for the following month set after each session

    • Phone and email access to Alison in between mentoring sessions

  • Program Types: 

    • Single mentoring session 

    • 5 sessions over 6 months

    • 10 sessions over a year

No. of available spots for mentoring

  • Apr 2019 - 1 spot left

  • May 2019 - booked

  • Jun 2019 - 2 spots left



The Investment and Alison's personal guarantee

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Authenticity is important to me. My commitment to you is to provide a tailored experience that will add significant value to your work and life. This is why I offer a money back guarantee after the second session if you are not deriving value from the program.