An inspiring and engaging speaker, helping your audience to take control, step up and do their best work AND live their best life.


"I found Alison’s presentation inspiring. I wrote a few notes and have shared them with numerous people already…pondering the questions ‘What path am I on if I don’t make a change?’ and ‘What am I neglecting?’ I deserve a beautiful life!!"

Alison brings her wholehearted self and a wealth of experience to the stage through her speaking engagements.

Alison draws on her 26 years’ experience working in, leading and providing services to individuals and organisations in the health and community sector across the globe. From working with over 70 organisations and completing 130 consultancies, Alison has created and honed an impressive suite of tools in her organisational impact toolkit which she shares with her audiences.

To this, Alison adds her experience of a long slow descent to burnout. A state that she somehow maintained for several years before she hit the deck completely. Face down. Not knowing whether she would ever be okay again. In 2015, Alison started a long slow process of recovery and along the way has chosen and created a completely different course in her career and her life. A course that is aligned with long held goals and dreams, many of which she had dispensed with along the way as unrealistic or just too hard.

Alison started speaking about burnout and her experiences a number of years ago. At the time she thought it could even be a career-limiting move to admit her struggles in a public forum. What she discovered though is that burnout is a problem that pervades the health and social sectors at alarming levels. And that was before COVID-19 arrived in our communities across the world.

Without fail, each time she shares her experience, she strikes a strong chord with her audience. There are usually tears and, often, sighs of relief. Relief that they are not alone in their struggles. That she is real and flawed, just like them. That she has recovered from burnout and is doing good work and making impact. That maybe they’d be okay too and could find an easier path forward.

Inspired by these responses, Alison has since freely and openly shared her experience and what she has learnt in the hope that this might help to pave a better and easier path forward for others. She provides many tools for the personal impact toolkit focused on maintaining and restoring wellbeing so that we are able to sustain and grow the impact of our much needed work. She is publishing her first book in 2021 on this same topic: The Health Hazard: Take control, restore wellbeing and optimise impact.

With the advent of COVID-19, Alison has become as comfortable on a virtual stage as she is in person.



Speaking topics

  • From burnout to blazing a trail - take control, restore wellbeing and optimise impact
  • Navigating the emotional hazards of work in the health and social sectors
  • Consumer engagement and the comfort zone - embracing disruption is the only way
  • Back from the brink - lessons from burnout and the path to better
  • Wholehearted strategy - how to engage, inspire and mobilise support and action

"I was so grateful this presentation was organised for us. I found it so informative and inspirational, especially needed when I had already had a testing day…It was a great reminder of the importance of and definite need to be aware of one’s stresses and triggers. Best session I’ve attended on explaining and understanding resilience. Can’t wait to read the book!"


"Alison recently spoke at our event about her life journey and the story of how she overcame burnout to be the best version of herself for her family, her business and clients.  Alison's story is told with great humility and humour with important messages about how to navigate life.    Alison is a warm, generous and engaging speaker who is a delight to listen to.  Her community work is wonderful and a great example of her giving back."

"What sets Alison’s work apart is that there is a model with four stages to move through burnout…A good reminder to listen to the signs and look for ways to practice self compassion first and that, from this place, we can be of greater services and have a bigger impact"


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