“Alison is a wonderful mix of mentor, coach, guider and supporter. Her easy relatable style and breadth of experience enables her to offer useful insights while also encouraging/drawing out a self-led solution. The mentoring support I have received from Alison has empowered me to put my hand up, dive in, and surprise myself.”

~ Jules


Your workshop last year was such a huge part of me taking stock and starting to make things happen.

~ Katrin

"Thank you for your friendship and mentoring. Your energy and insights are priceless."

~ Mirela

"It was lovely to take time out to reflect on what matters to me and how to make this self sustaining. I loved the hacks and tips and hearing others' reflections on their journeys."

~ Bronwyn


"Alison recently spoke at our event about her life journey and the story of how she overcame burnout to be the best version of herself for her family, her business and clients.  Alison's story is told with great humility and humour with important messages about how to navigate life.    Alison is a warm, generous and engaging speaker who is a delight to listen to.  Her community work is wonderful and a great example of her giving back."

~ Jen



"A day for "me" together with intelligent & real people sharing ideas on how to make the most of our life journey."

"Alison has provided us with professional, considered and encouraging coaching in order to both support us gaining skills and in actually developing a monitoring and evaluation framework that is ready to use. By being involved in the development of the framework, rather than out-sourcing it to another company, we have gained experience and skills in monitoring and evaluation techniques. In addition, we now have a document that we know in-depth and was informed by our own topic expertise. Alison is highly experienced in monitoring and evaluation and shares her knowledge and wisdom as she breaks the overwhelming task of developing a monitoring and evaluation framework into baby steps. I would highly recommend Alison for future monitoring and evaluation work."

~ Zoe



"Getting to what matters" - understand yourself and ways of working"

~ Suzy


"Getting to the heart of what matters"


"Alison’s ‘Getting to what matters’ workshop blends insights into how the work you’re doing impacts on your wellbeing, and how your wellbeing impacts on your work. She offers inspiration, conversation, guidance and connection with others, activities and opportunities to develop your personal plan for keeping on track, and avoiding the hamster wheel.

We can all learn from Alison’s vast experience as a leader in the health, research and community sectors. 
We can also benefit from her determination to motivate people to do their best work and live their best lives when time and resources are stretched and demands are high.

If you’re looking for a valuable professional development experience for you, your staff or your colleagues or friends, this quality event may be the answer."

~ Julie

"Good way to actually take some time for yourself because it's practically relevant!"


"Empowering. Freeing. A safe and supportive place to identify and reframe some comforting thoughts."


"It is about how to manage your work/life with self-compassion."


"Big Thank you for a wonderful, fun and creative day, for your complete honesty, vulnerability and passion in sharing your journey and creating more joy and playfulness in a busy world."

~ Lisa



"Unpacking the way we as individuals present in our lives to better understand challenges and now have a toolkit for how to be more compassionate so I can be the best in all aspects of my life."

~ Mel


"Alison is worth her weight in gold."

~ Cath


"Personally enhanced my direction and outlook on life. Great being in a room with like-minded people."

~ Penny

"I approached Alison very early in my development of sleepbus because of her wealth of knowledge and experience, but more importantly for her passion and ability to think outside the square. I wanted a mentor who would challenge the status quo. I needed a mentor who would say it like it is. Lastly, authenticity and integrity are at the core of sleepbus and so it was monumentally important that Alison had this at her core also. 

When you work with Alison, you don’t receive cookie cutter responses, her thoughts and ideas are tailored, insightful and they challenge your thinking; its exactly what you need when developing something you want to last the distance. 

If you’re serious about your goals and are prepared to follow the process, Alison can get you there and I highly recommend having her in your corner." 

~ Simon


"A wonderful opportunity to consider what is important to you in your life and develop strategies to achieve them."


"It helped me to focus on what is important for me."


"It's an energising workshop with tips/strategies on how to maintain a positive approach to your life/work goals."

"Generous, insightful, engaging, encouraging with lots of food for thought and inspiration to incorporate into my life."

"A safe permission to self explore and become self aware."

"What a wonderfully refreshing presentation - it resonated deeply within me."

~ Marylou