• I help you build a comprehensive toolkit (methods, skills, tools) and your confidence in their implementation.

  • I motivate and inspire you to harness your unique strengths, to step forward with courage and compassion and to be an agile and effective change maker.

  • I challenge thought patterns and work practices: how you turn up; your internal dialogue (helping you get out of your own way); and how you disrupt the way you work to be highly productive AND aligned with your personal style and strengths – from struggle to flow.

  • I help you to break through barriers and pave your personal path to impact THAT IS NOT at the expense of your energy and wellbeing.


If you are looking for quick fixes or magic bullets, you've come to the wrong place.

I believe that creating meaningful and enduring social impact requires deep and rich expertise, a growth mindset and a whole lot of stamina.


Outcomes you can expect if you choose to work with me


Clarity on your goals, strengths and the action steps required to make meaningful progress

Awareness and alignment with your personal values and signature strengths - leading to greater flow, meaning and fulfilment from your work

A well stocked toolkit and a practical approach to their implementation to support your practice and build your confidence as an agile and effective change maker

Greater capacity to identify challenges and barriers to your effectiveness and strategies to overcome them

A more strategic approach enabling you to create greater impact for the same or less effort

An increased focus on YOU - your wellbeing and a more active daily practice of self compassion - serving yourself in order to grow and sustain your practice and your service to others

An increased sense of satisfaction that comes from the active creation of your legacy, each and every day

And ultimately... greater reach and impact from your work - truly Making A Difference in the lives of others